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The most important element we have is that of the monitors. We have the best guides with expertise in the activities taking place. They are very knowledgeable about the environment and also to offer their extensive professional experience, are surprisingly human character.


Canoe two-seater SUV safe and comfortable for the whole family. They are very easy to control and maneuver, very stable. Undoubtedly the best option for a walk. Is extremely stable addresses easily and its length makes it suitable for any use.


Similarly, we also have various sizes, larger and smaller. Its use is required because even though the water depth at some points is very few centimeters, we all feel safer.


Really with which you find more comfortable, it provides a pair of socks and shoe parts for the spring in case you get wet in the boat and the hot months, bathing suit, shirt and flip flops or bare your choice.


Together with you, the protagonist of this adventure. Remember are still waters, no running, no waves. The water temperature is very nice and certainly will show the fauna in our adventure.