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Tours of the calm waters of the River Duratón, surrounded by impressive walls up to a hundred meters high, listening with delight to the murmur of silence.
Embark on one of their canoes in small groups, always accompanied by an instructor who will explain step by step each track history, it can be a real adventure for three hours.


It is advisable to take only the essentials; it would be: Sunscreen, hat for the head, and water that can be refilled at our facilities.

The phones or cameras, only 1 (one) per booking. As we know are sealed bags of frozen foods, so your electronic device will not undergo possible water damage.


Once we assembled the group headed to the canoes, previously the monitor brings us all members of the group and gives in ten minutes basic theoretical lessons handling the canoe us, give us the vest and paddle and got off to montarnos in the dugout.
Once acclimated to the new environment and after checking the stability of these vessels and their easy handling and grateful we are carried away by the monitor, listening to the murmur of the water and watching the colors, shadows, walls, vegetation and flying vultures, perhaps some nest with chicks. Slowly walk the winding channel indication by standing on the monitor to place ampliarnos information we see, its history, its legends.
Rest in a sandpit getting off pirogues, we can bathe, regain strength etc ... We continue the adventure, tucked behind the monitor always enjoying the environment. And finally back to the facility where we can take a shower, get changed and ready to continue the adventure why not a good barbecue ...?